Jane Eyre, the musical classic

Video Clips


"She's Who I Am" (Edward Rochester)

Edward Rochester's song of forbidden love:


"Fortunes" (Blanche, Jane, & Ensemble)

During an evening of frivolity at Thornfield manor, a mysterious "gypsy"
reads the palms of Blanche and Jane:



"Pretty, Pretty Light" (Bertha)

Is there really a deranged woman roaming the halls of Thornfield? And
who is setting mysterious fires?:



"Feel My Heart" (Jane & Edward Rochester)

Edward Rochester and Jane struggle with the first whispers of their attraction
to each other:



"You Were With Me Then" (Jane & Edward Rochester)

Duet between Edward Rochester & Jane Eyre, in which they - at last! - declare their
feelings for one another:


"Important Things In Life" (Blanche & Ensemble):

At another Thornfield party, the upper crust sings about what
they believe are the important things in life. We also learn more about Blanche, a
beautiful socialite who has her eye on Edward Rochester:



"All the World's Gold" (Jane, Edward Rochester, & Ensemble)

In this waltz, Edward proclaims his love for Jane to his entire
household, much to the consternation of the servants:


"Lullaby" (Bessie)

Young Jane Eyre's life is an unpleasant one, but she has one comforter: Bessie, a household maid:


"Nearly Mine" (Jane & Blanche)

An unbeknownst duet between Jane and Blanche, where they both
wonder who it is that Edward Rochester really loves:


"A Place That's Better" (Helen & Young Jane)

Young Jane Eyre sings with her
friend and fellow Lowood student, Helen, then continues singing with her adult self:




"Golden Rule" (Young Jane & Lowood Girls)

Young Jane Eyre, Helen, and the girls of Lowood
School find hope amid the harshness of every day life:



Things That Go Bump in the Night (Mrs. Reed & Young Jane)

Aunt Reed tries to frighten Young Jane into submission in this demo version of the song, accompanied by a slideshow of photos from the world premiere production:































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